The Truth About Sweet Tea and Your Teeth


There’s nothing more closely associated with Southern hospitality than a pitcher of sweet tea and a warm smile.

But is your favorite refreshing drink working against you? Here’s what we know:

Many of the brews you drink with friends – tea, coffee, red wine – can cause damage to your teeth, but one can also provide a protective benefit.

The culprit is tannic acid, which gives tea its dark color. The acid can settle into the pits and grooves of your teeth and over time, cause discoloration.

So should you stop drinking sweet tea? Oh gosh no!

Drinking water right after, sipping it through a straw, wiping your teeth with a tissue, and seeing your dentist for whitening or bleaching can ensure you can have your tea and smile too!

We know you can’t drink your red wine or coffee through a straw, but you can still enjoy those in moderation if you’re diligent about preventing stains and seeing your dentist.

And here’s some good news for green tea lovers – this brew is good for your mouth! It helps protect your mouth from gum disease, as long as you’re not adding sugar or honey, which you already know promotes cavities.

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