6 Reasons You Seriously Need To Floss


It’s been six months since your last visit to the dentist. You’ve settled into the chair for your cleaning and wait for the usual line of questioning.

“Have you been flossing every day?”

Are you prepared to answer this question truthfully? If you haven’t been spending enough time taking care of your teeth on a daily basis, you’re only hurting yourself.

In addition to brushing twice a day, you should be flossing at least once a day, and here’s why:

1. Flossing and brushing and more effective than brushing alone.

Brushing your teeth is a wonderful way to protect your mouth, but there are areas that your toothbrush just can’t reach, and that’s what the floss is for. Dental floss digs deep between teeth to loosen any food particles that might be hiding.

2. Flossing protects your gums.

Your gums can become inflamed if dental plaque between your teeth isn’t removed. That plaque is made up of bacteria and viruses that lead to gingivitis.

3. Flossing helps prevent diseases.

Untreated gingivitis becomes periodontitis, a disease that causes damage to your alveolar bone, which holds teeth in the jaw. This could lead to tooth loss.

4. Flossing prevents tartar build-up.

When plaque accumulates around your teeth, it can turn into tartar and cause gum disease. Flossing can slow that process down, and regular cleanings at your dentist’s office can remove it.

5. It’s not that hard.

Dental floss isn’t hard to use, and now it even comes with easy-to-use handles to make the process even faster for you. Plus, with the invention of the waterpick, you can floss basically hands free. The device uses water circulation to floss between your teeth, and they come in a range of prices for every budget.

6. Flossing is good for your whole body.

There’s overwhelming evidence that having a healthy mouth can boost your overall health. It can reduce your risk of heart disease and help those suffering from diabetes avoid complications of the disease.

Next time you’re parked in the dentist chair, we hope you’ll be ready to answer the question with a resounding, “YES!”

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